Deans Statement

Since its inception in October 2001, ABIIT has significantly changed the educational landscape of Antigua and Barbuda by providing ITC courses and ITC- centric education to the twin island state.

Admittedly, ABIIT has not only impacted the educational landscape of Antigua and Barbuda but also the entire OECS. In fact, ABIIT has been given the prestigious title of “A Center of Excellence for ICT” by the Ministers of Education of the nine member states of the OECS. The use of ICT skills permeates every aspect of the life at ABIIT and therefore impacts students, teachers and management alike. Teachers use a combination of power point presentations, interactive websites, electronic test banks and test developers to ensure first world quality education. All students, whether in the business or ITC programs must therefore master basic ITC competences in order to perform even at a minimal level. Student information, on the other hand, is managed electronically through a data management system called SONIS which provides ready access to student records and class and room schedules, just to mention a few.

ABIIT also puts a high premium on student involvement, and consequently student government, student clubs and work-study programs are encouraged and facilitated by the management.

Today, ABIIT has become a pacesetter and has affiliation arrangements with major universities in North America who have attested to the quality of the program offerings. But this is only the beginning; we are forging forward to realize our vision of becoming the leading ITC educational facility in the region.

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