Architectural Technology

The Architectural technology program offers opportunities to the beginner and advance students alike. Students who intend on pursing higher degrees will find this program helpful as a launching pad into the academic arena. Mature students, who have had some practical work experience, will benefit from this program as it provides the theoretical background, exposure to new technologies and the extensive use of computers in the design and construction process.

Employment Prospects: Graduates from this program will find areas of opportunities for employment in construction management, architecture, and building consultancy.

Core Requirements

Course Course Name Prerequisites Credits
Term I – Year I
CIS116 Introduction to Computer Applications MATH099 and ENGL099 or 70% or more placement tests     3
ARC111 Architectural Drafting Technical Drawing CXC Grade II Technical     3
ARC113 Construction Technology Building Tech CXC Grade II Technical     3
MATH110 College Algebra  MATH099 or more on placement test     3
Term II – Year I
ARC121 Computer Aided Drafting ARC111 Architectural Drafting     3
ARC123 Design Studio I ARC111 Architectural Drafting     3
ARC125 Construction Documentation ARC111 Architectural Drafting & ARC121 Computer Aided Drafting      3
ARC127 2D & 3D Design Foundation MATH098 and ENGL099 or 70% or more on placement tests     3
Term III – Year I
ARC131 Building Services ARC121 Computer Aided Drafting     3
ARC113 Structural Technology Math110 College Algebra     3
ARC135 Design Studio 2 ARC123 Design Studio I     3
ARC137 Caribbean Architectural History CIS116 Introduction to Computers Applications, ENGL101 English Composition and ARC123     3
Remedial Requirements
MATH099 Pre College Algebra
ENGL098 English Fundamentals I
ENGL099 English Fundamentals II


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