This course allows training in accounting principles and practices which enable students to prepare, analyze, and verify business reports that furnish accurate and up-to-date financial information and projections to assist managers in making sound financial decisions. A comprehensive general education base provides program graduates with the skills necessary to clearly communicate the results of their work, both orally and in written, to clients and management.

Employment Prospects: The associate degree curriculum in accounting prepares graduates of the program for entry level employment in accounting departments in business and government organizations or for further education leading to a four-year baccalaureate degree.

Core Requirements

Course Course Name Prerequisites Credits
Term I – Year I
CIS101 Intro to Information Technology None     3
CIS116 Introduction to Computer Application None     3
MATH 110 College Algebra* MATH099 or 70% or more On placement test     3
ENGL101 English Composition I ENGL 099 or more on placement test     3
Term II – Year I
ACC103 Accounting Principles I* MATH100 and ENGL101     3
Liberal Arts Elective
ENGL101 Eng. Composition 1     3
MGT103 Introduction to Business ENGL101 Eng. Composition 1     3
ENG102 English Composition II* ENGL101 Eng. Composition 1     3
Term III – Year I
ACC104 Accounting Principles II* ACC103 Accounting Principle I     3
MATH111 Business Statistics MATH100 Mathematics of Finance     3
MGT203 Principles of Microeconomics MATH100 Mathematics of Finance     3
ENGL103 Effective Communication* ENGL102 Eng. Composition II     3
Term I – Year II
ACC203 Intermediate Accounting I ACC104 Accounting Principle II     3
ACC205 Cost Accounting ACC104 Accounting Principle II     3
MGT205 Principles of Macroeconomics MATH100 Mathematics of Finance     3
MATH112 Business Statistics II MATH111 Business Statistics I     3
Term II – Year II
ACC204 Intermediate Accounting II ACC203 Intermediate
Accounting I
MGT202 Business Law ENGL201     3
ACC206 Managerial Accounting ACC205 Cost Accounting     3
ACC208 Finance I ACC203 Intermediate
Accounting I
Term III – Year II
MGT200 Organizational Behaviour ENGL101 & MGT103     3
ACC207 Taxation ACC203 Intermediate
Accounting I
ACC209 Computerized Accounting ACC104 Accounting Principle II     3
ACC210 Auditing and Assurance ACC204 Intermediate
Accounting II
Remedial Requirements
MATH098 Pre College Arithmetic  None
MATH099 Pre College Algebra or 70% or greater on placement exam  MATH098 or 70% or greater on placement exam
ENGL098 English Fundamentals I  None
ENGL099 English Fundamentals II  ENGL098 or 70% or greater on placement exam
*Liberal Arts Electives
PSY110 Introduction to Psychology
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology


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